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The Pillars of Engagement by Hans Harry Bittner

His leadership approach focuses not in glorifying something extraordinary. We cannot compare our lives with Mahatma Gandhi or big leaders from history. We have to focus on ourselves. We fail and then get up back again. Fail fast and go ahead with the learning.
You never lose, you only win or learn. That is the ATTITUDE he recommends us to embrace.
Mistakes are something we learn the most of. Do not be desperate for your performance.

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Be Your Best Self

Rob is an MIT Master Executive Coach, a facilitator of transformational learning, and author of Leading from Your Best Self: Develop Executive Poise, Presence and Influence to Maximize Your Potential.

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Show Up!

In our most recent episode, we talked to Jessica Glazer about the importance of continue working during this Pandemic. Tune in & get ready! Communicate

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Collaborative Environments

In this episode, Jeremy talks about the importance of collaboration, working together, without competition, and about adaptive change in order to thrive. He talks about the ATTITUDE

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