The Host

Dolores Guinazu is a Certified Sworn (court-approved) English>Spanish Translator specialized in Marketing & Creative Content.

The first 10 years of her career she was an in-house translator for the corporate multinational world. For the past 15 years, she has been a full-time translator working in teams and with colleagues for global boutique agencies and direct clients around the world with her Company, Lift Value Translations & Consulting.

She has an MBA in Marketing from Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and the University at Albany, State University of New York, United States of America. She is also an International Spanish Copyeditor and proofreader certified by Fundación Litterae and Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu) in Spain. Her main areas of specialization are marketing, creative writing, legal, and health care communications. 

She has been lecturing on Quality Management in the US and Europe (the University of Massachusetts (UMass) in Boston, the 58th ATA Annual Conference in Washington, DC., SIA2018 (FIU) in Miami, and the BP18 Conference in Vienna, the 5th International Conference of Copyeditors in Colonia, Uruguay, many times at USAL University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and SIA2020 (Miami DadeCollege) which was cancelled due to the Pandemic.

Copy-Writing & Content-Writing

These two skills are now part of her daily activities and she enjoys a lot working on the creation of these documents, as not only translation is needed to produce good final versions of this documentation, but also a ton of creativity and inspiration to reflect the author´s unique trademark.

Self Growth

She is obsessed with self-growth literature since childhood and has been a devoted podcast listener since 2014.

After 2 years as the ATA Spanish Language Division Podcast Host, she decided to launch her own podcast.

As an avid reader and super fan of global authors, researchers, and curious inspiring change-makers, she wants to share inspiring knowledge to keep on growing and evolving in these trying times.