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We are very grateful to talk to Mr. Hans Harry Bittner, who is the HR Manager, and CEO of Bittner International Training. This is an internationally operating training, and consulting network.

Harry supports decision-makers and managers from various industries and cultures.

Hans Harry Bittner builds content-related and personal bridges between experts from all parts of the company. This is achieved by constructively activating the existing diversity of individuals and teams for the benefit of the organization towards a sustainable shaping and engagement of the future.

After school, Harry was trained as a German Forces Maintenance officer. Then Harry studied English, Sports, and Philosophy for High School students. After professional experiences with tourism in Africa and Spain, he joined a railway production company as an HR manager and added the Economy as a part-time study.

Some years later Harry changed industries, delivering services in HR, Organizational, and Leadership Development. Subsequent to working for trade and mail-order company, he topped his employee career as head of a private radio station, with a highly ambitious project of change management.

To this end, Hans Harry Bittner is delivering master lectures at universities and license courses for the practical use of scientific instruments like GPOP (MBTI types and stress), ARP (Authority, Responsibility, and Power), Creatrix (Risk Taking, Creativity and Innovation nurturing with resiliency, authenticity, self-efficacy, uniqueness, self-acceptance, volition and trust). Additionally, CAS (Change Acceleration System).

Harry focuses on people, teams, and organizational development with a practical transfer of knowledge from innovative approaches to everyday work.

In addition to the focal points of sales, service, customer orientation, and leadership, Harry helps with real project advice and work, with solid and qualified manpower to detox organizations. At the same time, he builds cultures of trust according to the Great Place to Work Principles.

Leadership Principles

The 12 years of experience as an employee and line manager in HR as well as 25 years of professional experience as an independent consultant make Harry a valuable service provider for his clients worldwide.

Among some organizations, we can mention Bertelsmann, BG RCI, BMW, Bundeswehr Career Center, Claas Landmaschinen, Conrad Electronic, DFS (German Air Traffic Control), Dr. Oetker Nahrungsmittel, University FHNW, F. Hoffmann-la Roche, Ford Motors, FSC Forest Stewardship Council, Freudenberg, Haufe Group, Henkell-Freixenet, Henkel Waschmittel, ITK Engineering, Magna-Steyr, Mentor Grafics, Obi, Porsche, Prinovis, Radeberger, Schaeffler, Siemens, Würth and as well as the medium-sized companies Andros, Averion, BDT, Engmatec, Harmonic Drive, Hekatron, Losan Pharma, Messe Berlin (ITB, ILA), Strecker and others.

Overall the development and promotion of innovative health concepts (healthy leadership, stress management, burnout prevention) is always a part of Harry’s activities. Engagement is key!
In this conversation, Harry highlights the importance of self-care and values. His advice shared with us is the importance of taking care and protecting ourselves from bad news and looking more inside us. Mr. Hans Harry Bittner

Accordingly, his pillars of leadership approach focus not on glorifying something extraordinary. We cannot compare our lives with Mahatma Gandhi or big leaders from history. The pillar is to focus on ourselves. We fail and then get up back again. Fail fast and go ahead with the learning. Engage! Fantastic tip!

Hence, Harry emphasizes that: You never lose, you only win or learn. That is the ATTITUDE he recommends us to embrace.
Mr. Bittner

Mistakes are something we learn the most. Do not be desperate for your performance.

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