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Today, I will be talking to Dolores Hirschmann, my namesake. I realize that we have a lot in common. And we share many, many passions and creations. She and I are Mums of four children! Quite a number! We are both entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors. And she is from Argentina too! Our national origin goes with us everywhere we live.
For more than a decade she has been a TEDx organizer, strategist, and coach. She is a true Visionaire.
She works with Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Executives to CLARIFY their message. Clients gain the CLARITY they need to communicate and engage their audience, teams, and stakeholders.

Her clients shift from talking about what they do to talking about what they stand for. They lead the conversation. They become THOUGHT LEADERS. Thought Leadership allows her clients to realize the financial and impact goals they envision.

Now she is currently working on expanding the agency side of her business where she not only co-creates their client’s business strategy, she also becomes the team implementing it. In 2018 she published a book, Stand Out the Ted Way: Be Seen & Grow Your Business.
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