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In this episode, Evi talks to us about her experience writing her amazing book, a best-seller already and the ATTITUDE you need to thrive and be successful today. Congrats!
Dr. Evi Prokopi is a Success Coach. She is a multicultural expert, having lived in six countries, traveled to 35 countries, and worked with people from 58 countries. As a Certified Work Performance Assessor and an

NLP Coach, Evi wants to empower people and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
Evi has tremendous experience in recruiting, training, coaching, mentoring, and managing project management teams for both Fortune 100 companies and start-ups, and she was the first and the youngest Greek female to

become a speaker at the Global Project Management Institute Congress.

She holds a Ph.D. in Philosophical Psychology, an MA in Marketing, a BA in Applied Linguistics, an Associate’s Degree in Project Management and she has attended various online courses. Evi is a founding member and the President of Diexodos, the first anti-bullying organization in Greece.

“Our ATTITUDE is by a large percentage, which leads us to success or failure, thus we need to RETRAIN our mind in order to achieve success & happiness, as long as this is what we want. Dr. Evi Prokopi

Dr. Evi ́s book, The Success PlayBook, The 8 Habits of Happy & Successful People begins with Ancient Greek Philosophy as an introduction. According to Socrates, we are happy if we can truly appreciate what we have instead of striving to get more and more. He said: “The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

As Lao Tzu stated: “Watch your thoughts, they become your words“.

Can you believe that people talked about The Law of Attraction in 1877? I thought it was quite new…

Evi recommends writing down your priorities. This Playbook is that, a strategy manual to guide you in every step of your way.

Your values and motivation. She describes values as principles that we consider important in life. They are little voices in our heads saying “that is right” or “absolutely not”. Identify your values and ask yourself: what type of person do I want to be? Live your values!

The author also shares with us that in the survey conducted based on psychological theories analyzed, she found that only 70% of the people interviewed thought that being healthy is a success. This was done before the Corona Virus Pandemic. So, imagine, would people now feel the same about being well and healthy?

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