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A conversation with Anna Schlegel

Anna N Schlegel is a native of Catalunya. She is the author of the book Truly Global. Moreover, she is the founder of “Women in Localization” which was started in California. She has worked in globalization teams for over twenty years with firms including Cisco, VMware, Xerox, and NetApp and for two localization vendors as the CEO and general manager.

Her work has been published on,,, and other research industry forums. Anna is a respected leader in the globalization community. She frequently delivers lectures, webinars, keynotes, and round tables at universities, corporations, and other international organizations.  She lives with her family in Santa Clara, California.

I was very lucky to meet her in 2021 at the ATA Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. She was the guest speaker and her presentation was inspiring and super insightful towards the possibilities of our profession as translators.


Anna Schlegel

Globalization is also very much about listening. Listen to what your colleagues in different languages are trying to tell you. That is very, very important. So, slow down. Think. This is teamwork. You have to become a team.

Remember that we are humans. People FIRST, Anna emphasizes.

At length, this book changed the way I used to see many processes and stages. Anna´s experience and explanations are essential to master this game.

Follow her and try to apply all her tips to boost your business and be TRULY GLOBAL!

Thanks again, Anna! We truly appreciate your valuable time and endless contribution to our work! THANKS!!

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