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a conversation with Jennifer Goforth Gregory

A true Bible for us, Copywriters. This book really changed the way I approach my job and the way I work on a creative project. Thanks, my dear Jennifer!

What a blast to be speaking with one of my favorite authors, inspiring coach, and mentor. She is just as she writes, clear, concise, familiar, generous, super engaging.

Jennifer Goforth Gregory uses her 20 years of professional writing experience to create content that solves readers problems and builds trust in her client’s brand. After working in the tech field all of her career, she is fluent in translating “geek” to “real people.” She specializes in B2B, finance, technology, artificial intelligence, IoT, personalization, cloud computing, security, retail technology, telecommunications, health technology and hospitality technology.

Her services include blogs, articles, content strategy, infographics, white papers and case studies. Her blog is packed with a lot of information.

At the beginning of June 2023, she shared some Survey results: The State of Freelance Writing as of May 2023. Astonishing, and yet very relieving. Read this and many more articles on her blog!

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By reading her book, you will learn how to find high paying clients and join the ranks of high earning freelance content marketing writers.

This book reveals their secrets. Inside is everything you need to know to start or grow a freelance content marketing business. Jennifer shares her proven ideas, step-by-step processes and templates for writers of all career stages. Hundreds of writers (including Jennifer, herself) have used these methods to find high-paying clients, increase their income and create businesses they truly love.

She really walks her talk!

Her tone and style is so engaging, and at the same time clear, simple, that you just do not realize how much you are learning from all her writing.

Listen to the whole conversation and let us know your comments!

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