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Venturing out into the unknown world of running your business is often an exciting and nerve-wracking process.

Adding the complexities of navigating that process during a global pandemic
is nothing short of a miracle, yet Raquel Borras, Founder of “True to You Branding” has tackled this pivotal moment in her life with the level of positivity and laughter that has made her well known and loved. It was a no-brainer to select and interview her for today ́s episode.

As the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) she takes us through her journey on this amazing career: BEING YOU! Raquel began in the Mortgage World and she made her way to become a business owner. :)) What is Branding? What is the meaning of the name of her Company: TRUE TO YOU BRANDING?

Do you believe in selling being YOU and ONLY YOU? I mean, not copying others, other methods or beliefs, just applying yours, what feels true to you. Raquel has a servant’s heart and gives her time and words selflessly. Her WHY inspires so many people and truly makes a positive impact on our world.

Raquel loves to engage with all kinds of different people but most of them have traits that she finds important: Integrity, authenticity, vulnerability, positivity, and those who are well respected in their field and by their peers.

She believes that everyone should be always treated with respect. She trusts and enjoys the process of what it takes to achieve your wildest dreams.

Raquel is also a huge advocate for Mental Health Awareness. She has recently become the head of Brand Strategy & Marketing for the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign. It is a global campaign with many celebrities and public figures helping us break the stigma and change the narrative on what it means to suffer from mental health issues.

Being that she herself struggled with clinical depression in college and attempted to take her life, she can relate to feeling shame and not wanting to share her story in fear that she was going to be judged and labeled a crazy person. If anything, she is realizing how many people are struggling in silence and need to know they are not alone.

The book that Raquel is reading right now and she heartily recommends is Leadership and Self-Deception. We also paste the link below. Thanks, Raquel for your words and for being a source of inspiration to all of us!
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True to YOU Branding
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