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Welcome to a new episode of Attitudeable Podcast! I am thrilled today to interview Ann! I met her at a fabulous Podcast Conference some months ago. I learned a lot about how to weave storytelling techniques into my workday so that I can become authentically persuasive. Thanks!

We are the SUM of our stories!

Ann Bernard

Ann Bernard is the Master of First Times and creator of the #363FirstsChallenge. She’s the host of the #365Firsts Podcast, a storyteller who has told over 100 First Time Stories. She’s a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, a lover of the outdoors, and served in the Marine Corps for 24 years, hanging up her uniform as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Leadership storytelling is not a spectator sport, nor should it be just for special occasions. It’s not just a way to help your audience remember an important presentation or make you a more engaging job applicant. Those are both excellent uses of business storytelling, but they’re hardly the only ones. If you can weave storytelling techniques into your workday, you will forge meaningful connections with everyone, make complex information clear, and make a case for change when needed.

Ann recommends doing what You’ve Never Done Before to Become Who You Always Wanted to Be. She is the Master of First Times :)) She is the expert pursuer and conqueror of first times and new experiences. She teaches the ways of adding first times and new experiences.

Ann mentors in the ways of maximizing the benefits of first times and new experiences.
She is the Creator of the #365FirstsChallenge! The ultimate motivator for exploring all that life has to offer.

The future belongs to creativity, innovation, being open-minded, possessing a growth mindset, and having the ability to quickly adapt and embrace change. The question is – what is the path to change and increasing human potential?

Ann leads people to start their own Journey of First Times and New Experiences to create a short circuit in their programming that allows them to hack and re-wire themselves to change while they’re having fun, seeking positive experiences, and creating inspiring stories to tell.

She is the CEO of Next Level Firsts Coaching where you can take the Maximize Your Journey Program – a six-week action-based self-development course and get top-notch life coaching to take your life to the next level.

Tune in & listen! Hope you enjoy this conversation! ALWAYS communicate & BE ATTITUDEABLE :)) Follow us!
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