The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Gabby Spurling

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When she started her career in technology, Gabby had no idea if it was possible to combine her newfound love for coding with her passion for marketing, but was determined to find a path to get her there. Along the way, she was exposed to a broad array of industries and technologies, from big data analytics in oil and gas to create event-driven applications in insurance.

Currently working as a Director of Technology at VMLY&R, Gabby’s found a place where she can do both while supporting major clients. The common thread across all of her work has been creative problem solving and learning from incredible teams.

Gabby knows the tremendous amounts of processes her industry needs, and barely implements them. The “How to” we do our work, as @MarieKondo states are crucial.

When you are organized, you free up energy and put more quality into your output.

I agree 100%!

How to remove obstacles and make time for doing what we really, really love.

Tidiness provides structure, certainty, you will be happier and more productive.

Clean up your closets, and clean up your paperwork. Do not put off the managing of what causes you frustration. She recreates processes every six months. As life happens, and processes need to evolve with that.
Processes bring more certainty. No ambiguity, no single situation applies as everyone’s circumstances are different. Take time to listen and understand people ́s needs.

Processes are not static. Take small improvements lightly. Track the trends. There is no magic solution!


Clear vision plus measuring if you accomplish your goals are good foundations to move forward.

Time-tracking and brief calls with the team to catch up and check how they are doing.

Prioritize processes and organize your day with your unique and personal touch.

The most effective development teams offer more than strong technical capabilities. Teams do their best work when they organize their time and outputs efficiently, simplifying confusion and mess with structure and process. In this talk, Gabby will cover solutions to common process problems that enable teams to functions better and spark more joy at work.

Here is Gabby & her organizing teams, you can watch it here too:

Gabby Spurling

In an industry overflowing with information, new and constant change, the power of simplicity is often overlooked. So much of our work depends on clean and focused code, but for maximum benefit, you should be applying the same approach to the processes surrounding your work. In doing so, you can create an environment where your team functions better and is filled with joy.

Here is Gabby with @buildStuff / @BuildStuffConf
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