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Dr. Linden Brown has worked as a management consultant, academic, and entrepreneur in start-up organizations. For more than 20 years, he has worked with multi-national firms in North America, Europe, and Asia- Pacific to develop their market-focus capabilities and business strategies. He has had Visiting Professor appointments at several universities, including INSEAD (France), Cranfield (England), and the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia).

Linden, a customer culture expert par excellence, has published 14 books on management, marketing, and strategy. I met him last year on the first virtual EWMS which I attended and was delighted with his presentation. The Customer Culture Imperative reveals the key disciplines of customer culture that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results. Each one is linked to a particular strategy and drives predictable and

measurable improvements in one or more business performance factors-from innovation and customer satisfaction to growth in sales and profits to higher rates of new-product success. It gives you the tools to: • Inspire everyone in the company to embrace a customer-centric culture
• Unify efforts across units by creating a “common language” for change
• Collect and measure data from your efforts and benchmark your progress

• Make change long term so you leave a legacy of an enduring business
Creating a customer-centric company takes more than making an investment in the customer service department and systems.

The idea is about building a culture in which the customer is at the heart of all decisions made within every function and unit. What’s best for the customer is what’s best for business. Make that a part of the DNA of your organization, and you will lead your company to unprecedented success. Guaranteed.
Dr. Brown

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Hope you can enjoy this great conversation with this thought leader! Thanks, Dr. Linden Brown for your insightful words and communication!
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