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What an honor to speak with the author of three (3) best-selling books, David Kadavy!
As an author, podcaster, and self-publishing coach, he heartily believes that one of the biggest challenges humanity faces in the age of AI is the ability to tap into our innate creativity.

David shares with us what it takes to get the courage to do things that might not work, and how to find that one thing that only you can do for the world. His latest book: Mind Management, Not Time Management, The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating, Design for Hackers (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon), and multiple “short reads”, as this weeks short read: Digital ZET TEL KAS TEN Principles, Methods & Examples.

You can subscribe to his 100wordwritinghabit.com to stick to the process of writing every single day, just 100 words a day. He sends regular emails with tips and guiding principles to follow and achieve your goal. David has a weekly podcast, Love Your Work for almost 6 years in which he interviews icons, entrepreneurs, creators, and experts such as James Altucher, Dan Ariely, John Bokenkamp, Adam Conover, B.J. Fogg, Jason

Fried, Seth Godin, Noah Kagan, Joanna Penn, Laura Roeder, Tynan, Vanessa Van Edwards, Cy Wakeman, and many more. He is the creator of Timeful with Dan Ariely. Google bought Timeful, and now its features are a part of Google Calendar.

As a prerequisite to being here, as we are all curious people, David is an innate curious icon, who is always following his curiosity, investing in himself, constantly improving his ability to be both creative and productive, inspiring the world with his writing, and his weekly Love Mondays newsletter. David shares the very best gems he has learned on how to make it as a creator.

Listen to your OWN voice, the voice in your head. Write down your thoughts, your ideas.

David Kadavy

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