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A conversation with Chris Lovett

In a breathtaking fast world, in every culture, we lose focus on what really matters. Are you consumed by busyness and material possessions? How can you design a LIFE that works for YOU, for what truly resonates with your identity?

You will listen to some suggestions on how to disconnect from the always-ON mentality that we share with our communities. We have to be busy all the time, every day, even every weekend.

The name of this post is the name of Chris Lovett’s Ted Talk this April 2022. LESS is not just more, LESS is progress. For you, what is the meaning of LESS? This is a very powerful word!

As the author also stated, GREATNESS lies on the other side of discomfort, of your convenient comfort zone, where nothing happens.

We have to make friends by saying NO. Use your WORDS wisely. Declutter, clean, and remove words, punctuation marks, and tones of voice that do not add to your core message. USE LESS to gain more.

His book is titled, Discovery of Less. How I found everything I wanted underneath everything I owned is your guide to living a better life with less.

Let us all UNSUBSCRIBE from our own safe way of living. Be more intentional.


His words for this challenging world we are all living in are Experiences, not things. Congrats, Chris! You really nailed the way to lead a true and fulfilled life by doing what really matters and what ignites us to leave a legacy.

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