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Dani is a living source of inspiration. She certainly lives deliberately. She is truly UNIQUE. To copy is something she is not even aware of.
Dani has been developing a process and framework to help make sense of business, family, relationships, and life ever since she was part of her family’s business; a business she closed after 106 years in 2009.

While this was originally for her own benefit, and to help her own family, it has helped change and make sense of people’s lives in all sorts of situations – from children to entrepreneurs and from executive teams to those going through life struggles/decisions such as divorce and retirement.

As a result, GLAS was created. GLAS means Global Life Alignment System. As the CEO and Founder of GLAS Group she explains how she practices the method every day.
GLAS is a living system comprising of 15 elements and a range of tools and techniques, one of which being Visual Perception Analysis (VPA). VPA provides a creative way of unlocking unconscious beliefs and the things

that are in the way in a non threatening, fun and fascinating way – using science. This is the first step in understanding GLAS and the 15 elements that help to implement inspirational change and progress. Dani’s purpose is to inspire and “Be the change she wishes to see in the world.”
Dani Saveker

INSPIRE is her personal purpose and her focus each and every day – as an entrepreneur, a mother, a friend, and as a human. For many years she felt lost, busy being manic, and “stuck in doing”. She, as happens as well to many of us, allowed herself to be defined externally; by results, what others thought of her and her family’s business. These formed her identity, her purpose, her relationships, what she did, and how she interacted with the world. When the business was gone she was forced to change things. Dani developed GLAS to help her. Then, she used this to help others.

This developed into a way of capturing much more – from business culture and concepts to inspiring talks. You are invited to view and download many of the pieces – which are primarily one-page summaries of amazing books Dani has read – and be inspired.

Dani is passionate about sharing the content and her work and so most of the Visual Synopsis pieces on this site are available for you to download without charge. There are items you can purchase, and of course, you can commission your very own pieces by contacting her amazing team.

For anything other than personal use, please seek permission first.


A journey to do better, be better and feel better.
The BEST way I can tell anyone about GLAS is through sharing a little of her own story

Within Hero of My Story is a small part of the journey she went on personally to develop and create GLAS. It all started, as many things do, with a personal need. From it’s early beginnings GLAS unlocked potential; for her and for her family and in time, for businesses and entrepreneurs.

I hope that reading why it was important and a little more of the philosophy behind it, it will spark a thought or two for you. She would love to talk to anyone and support your own journey – as a business, team, family or personally.

Hero Of My Story

While many little girls dream of a knight showing up on a horse to whisk them away to a wonderful life – Dani had been brought up to work, achieve, and be fascinated with business. She thought her role in life was to be the hero in other people’s stories; to fix, support, and take the hits.

Having always wanted to run her own business, in 2002, she believed she had finally achieved her dream as she completed the Management Buy Out of her family’s 99 years old business. But that day also represented the loss of her relationship with her beloved uncle and godfather, as she had restructured the Board to enable the business to thrive. This was possibly the first time she truly felt the tensions of what they do, their relationships, who they are, the nature of the impact, and their purpose.

During the 13 years “officially” working in the family business, and consequent years working to help hundreds of other people’s family businesses, she was also developing a way of making sense of her story.

Dani’s story was one that included winning prizes, prestigious business awards, design awards, recognition, magazine covers, and speaking around the world – as well as self harm, months in a wheelchair, heartbreak, and emptiness. She went from the despair of closing the doors on her family’s business, and great grandfather’s legacy, to transforming everything about her life, her family’s lives, and the lives and businesses of clients all around the world – as well as thousands of strangers through her daily acts of kindness. She did it by developing a framework that allowed her to simply be her own hero.

Next month, in June, she will celebrate #2000 days of #Kindness! Congrats!
The GLAS Framework helps you to understand how accessible the simple but powerful approach is so that you can better run businesses, build teams, have relationships, and live a life that truly matters – one that you

become the hero of.


“SO WHAT DO YOU DO?”, Dani Saveker


— Dani Saveker

In chapter 5 of her book, she writes about Responsibility. This word is part of the name of this podcast, TO BE ABLE TO, be responsible for your own actions and omissions. You have to take full responsibility for every single choice you make as well as for the ones you do not make.

Her Visual Synopsis is super packed with truly inspirational wisdom and information from best-selling books. Here we share with you the book How to Decide (Annie Duke) Visual Synopsis by Dani Saveker.

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