The Gift of Bilingualism

Adam Beck is the founder of the influential blog Bilingual Monkeys and head keeper of The Bilingual Zoo, a lively worldwide forum for parents. The ideas and inspiration you’ll find at these two sites, and in his very popular books, including the widely-read Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability and the new Bilingual Success Stories Around the World can help you realize your dream of raising bilingual or multilingual kids. Read more about Adam and his work here.

Being bilingual takes time, effort, and above all else, discipline. It takes commitment. As with every other endeavor in life. So, embrace the NOW. Live every day with a small and constant habit of listening to videos, reading stories, talking, and singing in the language you want to acquire.

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As language consultants, we heartily believe in the power of practicing your minority language. As in life, you have to be consistent and disciplined.

Every small step paves the way to major accomplishments.

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This is the last episode of 2021 and a very special one. We wish you a peaceful Christmas celebration full of joy and hope of a better and merrier 2022!

Adam Beck is the author of…

NEW! Bearded Dragon, Home Alone: A beautiful wordless picture book, in full color and full of fun and joy, that you can share with your children in any language to provide engaging and effective input.

NEW! Bilingual Success Stories Around the World: A real-life roadmap to greater success and joy for any parent raising bilingual or multilingual children.

Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability: The popular guidebook for empowering the bilingual or multilingual journey, praised worldwide by parents and experts in the field.

I WANT TO BE BILINGUAL!: A unique “picture book for adults” that emphasizes the most important information parents need for joyful success in raising bilingual or multilingual kids, with delightful illustrations by Pavel Goldaev.

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables: A useful and flexible language learning resource, with access to online audio files, for children, teens, and adults.

How I Lost My Ear: An award-winning, action-packed novel–a funny and fast-moving adventure in the spirit of Roald Dahl–with 136 lively illustrations by Simon Farrow; an entertaining page-turner for both children and adults, to read alone or read aloud.

…and the founder of…

Bilingual Monkeys, a blog of ideas and inspiration for raising bilingual and multilingual kids (without going bananas).

The Bilingual Zoo, the world’s warmest and liveliest online community for parents raising bilingual or multilingual kids (and it’s free!).

See you soon, in 2022!


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