Today we launch our Podcast! 20/05/2020

Life is a constant movement, our ideas are evolving, changing, and growing all the time. They never sleep. And they are not in quarantine, never ever. Our ideas are working all the time, non-stop.

We encompassed in only one word our attitude and our exclusive ability to move, to make changes happen.

ATTITUDEABLE! We open the door to a new world of people transforming lives and the way we do business. This is a space to share ideas, dreams, experiences with a conviction that Attitudeable humans can attain anything.

We heartily believe that by cultivating OUR OWN attitude, it is possible to bring joy and power needed to move forward and keep on growing in our personal as well as professional lives.
You know that Life is about perception. Perception means we don´t see things as they are: WE SEE THINGS AS WE ARE. 

Would you like to thrive in today´s communications?
Welcome to our Podcast!

And what is ATTITUDE-ABLE? We invent it at home, one day during the COVID-19 Pandemic with my eldest son. It is made of ATTITUDE, the noun, PLUS the suffix –ABLE added to the noun, to denote CAPABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY. Adding it just as an adjective: ABLE TO DO STH, meaning that we have to remember, never forget, that we have the skill, intelligence, opportunity needed to do whatever we set our minds to. So, Attitude goes hand in hand with our capability to put anything into practice.

Being ATTITUDABLE empowers us with Movement. And movement ALWAYS brings movement, as one of my friends and mentor always says.

In the midst of this global pandemic, with an uncertain future, and the birth of a new world, we will listen to the way JOBS, our WORK and COMMUNICATION itself will evolve and transform. By interviewing entrepreneurs, authors, true Rock Stars in our opinion, icons of the global communication world in English and in Spanish, deeply focused on the study and the research on the importance of being humans in all of what we do, we will discuss how our lives and our attitudes will be transformed.

The idea is to find new ways to show up and contribute with our unique human touch in every aspect of our lives!

Our ATTITUDE will save us and help us be safe and healthy, not only physically but also mentally!

You are a target of your own shaking.

As Mr. Yuval Harari encourages us to evolve based on: 

  • Critical Thinking 
  • Communication  
  • Collaboration
  •  Creativity

Trust is essential and it takes courage to go against the status quo.However, we believe that what the world needs most right now is love and connection, Real Connection.Our intention is to share valuable and useful content for people wanting to thrive in their careers.

Thanks to our Editor-in-Chief, Juan, and BIG THANKS to all the endless support, cheer, and love of my family, beautiful friends, and awesome colleagues all over the world!

I am deeply grateful for having you ALWAYS PRESENT in my life!

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