Artificial Intelligence, a conversation with Matthew Renze

AI & Matthew Renze

Matthew is an expert and has done tons of research on AI and all its developments.

I was lucky to meet him at the beginning of 2020. A friend of ours, Jorge, organized a Conference in WeWork Buenos Aires. My Gosh! This seems ages ago due to the Pandemic and the endless days we are all facing all over the world.

Together with his wife @Heather Wilde and a group of super technological trailblazers they were returning from The Antarctic Conference and made a stop in Buenos Aires, just before leaving for the United States. The talks were amazing. You can find the link below to watch and listen to them.

Matthew speaks on AI in different parts, you can find him in Pluralsight, Udemy, among many more online places. Though we are all living in an AI dominant environment, with plenty of technology all around, there is a lot to do as humans. Do not get discouraged. Your touch, your human touch cannot be done, yet, by a machine.

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Here are some of his URL for the topics that we discussed:

Mathew´s websites:

Matthew Renze´s online courses:

Here is the link for his new online course on Preparing Your Career for AI

Recent advances in language translation

AntarctiConf website

AntarctiConf presentation videos

Finally, you can find all of his social media profiles here:

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